Women's Health Educational Programming

Diagnosis, Management and Treatment of Endometriosis

Program no. MB-0606M, 60 minutes
Presenters: Anthony Lucci, MD; Joseph R. Feste, MD; Russell L. Malinak, MD; Geof Tidey, MD
Diagnosis and early treatment of endometriosis, classifications of treatment, operative treatment and medical treatment and management.

$209.00 USD

Importance of Postpartum Home Visits

Program no. ME-0930N, 60 minutes
Presenters: Linda J. Tandy, MSN, RN, CCM, IBCLC
Identify postpartum patients; List common early healthcare needs of the patient; Nursing interventions for identifying patients; How skilled nurses can effect change through education.

$209.00 USD

Electronic Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring

Program no. MA-0908N, 90 minutes
Presenters: Barbara True-Driver, MN, RNC; Jack Graham, MD
This program, featuring experts in electronic fetal monitoring, will feature presentations focusing on etiology, physiology, and interventions. Specific discussions will cover periodic and early accelerations as well as variable and late decelerations.

$249.00 USD

Disease Management: Breast Cancer

Program no.MD-1030M , 90 minutes
Presenters: V. Craig Jordan, PhD, D.Sc; Gabriel Hortobagyi, MD, FACP; Monica Morrow, MD
Long Term Tamoxifen Treatment for Breast Cancer, High Dose Combination Chemotherapy, and Issues in the Local Therapy of Breast Cancer.

$249.00 USD

Treatment of Metastatic Breast Cancer

Program no. MB-0622M, 90 minutes
Presenters: Aman U. Buzdar, MD; I. Craig Henderson, MD; Howard Hochster, MD
Discuss the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer; Presentations on 1st and 2nd line treatments will cover cytotoxic chemotherapy (CMF, CAF, and new cytotoxic agents); Diverse hormonal agents, neoadjuvant treatments, and combination therapies.

$249.00 USD

Cancer Update: Breast Cancer

Program no. MC-0111M, 90 minutes
Presenters: Gabriel Hortobagyi, MD; Barbara L. Weber, MD; Charles L. Vogel, MD
Intro on the Management of Advanced Breast Cancer and the Use of Standard Chemotherapy; Current Hormonal Therapy and New Hormonal Agents in the Management of Breast Cancer; New Agents, including Taxol and Taxotere; Use of Navelbine and Clinical Trial Results.

$249.00 USD

Postpartum Mood Disorders

Program no. MD-0715N, 60 minutes
Presenters: Laura Miller, MD; Katherine L. Wisner, MD; Susan Baab, RN, MSN, CS
Understand the clinical features of ostpartum "blues", depression and psychoses. Understand the differences in clinical presentation and correlates, etiology and course of illness for the three categories of postpartum disorders; Identify medications which are reasonable choices for women with postpartum depression; Develop a monitoring plan for babies whose mothers take antidepressants and breastfeed; Learn the precautions of treating them under those circumstances; Gain an understanding of the best treatment options for postpartum bipolar women, including breastfeeding mothers, after a careful cost-risk analysis.

$209.00 USD

Trauma in Pregnancy: Pre-Hospital Care of the Pregnant Trauma Victim

Program no. ME-0625, 60 minutes
Presenters: Stephen Colucciello, MD
Discuss the importance of trauma in pregnancy and emphasize the team approach; discuss frequency & types of trauma seen during pregnancy; know of physiological changes during pregnancy that affect the management of a trauma victim; discuss abruptio placenta; uterine rupture, amniotic fluid embolism; and penetrating uterine trauma; be aware of history and physical assessments in the field; discuss pre-hospital management, stabilization, transport issues; contact with the receiving hospital and special circumstances such as burns, electrical injuries and cardiac arrest.

$209.00 USD

12th World AIDS Conference Update: Issues for Women with HIV

Program no. ME-0813N, 60 minutes
Presenters: Brenda L. Haile, RN, DrPH; Joseph C Gathe, Jr., MD, FACP; Patricia D. Salvato, MD
Introduce to women, nurses and healthcare workers the latest information on HIV & AIDS as it relates to women; Be able to elaborate on current developments in the treatment of HIV and AIDS focusing on women; update the community on HIV & AIDS knowledge gained at the 12th World AIDS Conference in Geneva, Switzerland.

$209.00 USD

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) in Women

Program no. ME-0324N, 60 minutes
Presenters: Ann McCloud Sneath, RN, MSN,CRNP; Amy Levi, CNM, MSN; Monica Choi, PhD, CRNP
Identify various types of STDs in women by taking sexual histories; Educate adolescents on healthy behaviours; Recognize the types of STDs that require and/or treatment; Recognize that patients may have coexisting STD's; Identify resources for recommended treatments; Identify high risk behaviours through history and a physical; Counsel sexually active women in choosing contraceptives methods that will reduce their risks of STD's; Educate women on gender-related risk factors for acquiring STD's.

$209.00 USD

Obgyn Update: GnRH Agonists & the Role of Add-back Therapy

Program no. MB-0614M, 90 minutes
Presenters: John A. Rock, MD; William D. Schlaff, MD; Deborah A. Metzger, PhD, MD
Implications of add-back therapy to the length of treatment with the GnRH agonists; The appropiate time to initiate add-back therapy on a patient being treated with GnRH agonists; Diseases which can be treated with add-back therapy; Candidate profile for add-back therapy.

$249.00 USD

Breast Cancer: Advances in Screening, Diagnosis & Treatment

Program no. MA-0411M, 180 minutes
Presenters: Laszlo Tabar, MD; Linda Warren, MD; Richard Bird, MD; Jeffery Weinreb, MD; Kevin Fox, MD; Barbara Fowble, MD; Michael Osborne, MD; John Hainsworth, MD
Topics included in this program are: The effectiveness of mammographic screening; the diagnostic workup: mammography, sonography, MRI; and therapeutic options: radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and surgery.

$309.00 USD

ObGyn: Diagnosis, Management & Treatment of Endometriosis

Program no. MA-0511M, 120 minutes
Presenters: Anthony Lucci, MD; Russel L. Malinak, MD; Joseph R. Feste, MD; Geof Tidey, MD
These doctors address the following endometriosis issues: diagnosis and early management; classifications of treatment; operative treatment; and medical treatment and management.

$289.00 USD

Breast Disease: Diagnosis

Program no. MA-0518M, 120 minutes
Presenters: John Sandbach, MD; Gillian Newstead, MD; Christopher Merritt, MD; Ellen Mendelson, MD; Jeff Weinreb, MD; Mitch Schnall, MD
Role of mammography in the diagnosis of breast cancer, breast ultrasound, role of MRI in evaluation of breast disease, ultrasound guided fine needle aspiration.

$229.00 USD

Managing Depression: Mood Disorders Across the Reproductive Cycle

Program no. MC-0424M, 90 minutes
Presenters: Steven F. Pariser, MD; Kimberly A. Yonkers, MD; Susan Kornstein, MD; Anthony Rothschild, MD; Lee Cohen, MD; Zachary N. Stowe, MD
Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder; Treatment Options for the Female Patient; Menopause, Peri-Menopause, and Depression; Depression in Pregnancy and the Postpartum State.

$249.00 USD

Obstetrics & Gynecology: Understanding the Role of Estrogen

Program no. MB-0509M, 90 minutes
Presenters: Wulf H. Utian, MD, PhD; Frank Bellino, PhD; Arie Birkenfeld, MD; Matan Yemini, MD; Mary Ellen Kennedy, RN
Comprehensive Health Care to the Peri-Menopause; Current Research Trends; Hormone Replacement Therapy; What is Menopause?; Nursing Perspectives in Menopause Management.

$249.00 USD

Current Issues in the Hormonal Treatment of Breast Cancer

Program no. MD-0715N, 60 minutes
Presenters: Harold Harvey, MD; Richard Santen, MD; Paul Goss, MD; Andrea Manni, MD
Topics covered in this program include: new aromatase inhibitors; risks and benefits of adjuvant tamoxifen; potential prevention of breast cancer by hormonal therapies; optimal duration therapy with tamoxifen; post-menopausal estrogen replacement therapy.

$209.00 USD